Our diagnosis is the following:

Private-public collaboration in a governance model can strengthen communities, municipalities and regional governments if it is generated around a common development objective, improving synergies and channels of participation.

Local Footprint, through the so-called Convergence Roundtables for Local Development, has a methodology and experience in the articulation of actors to promote said cooperation effectively, improving the quality of life at the local level.

Although the State, through regional and sectoral funds, has resources for the execution of projects, local and regional governments require support to generate initiatives that allow them to access these funds, which represents a challenge and an opportunity to develop a new governance.

In this sense and in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals SDG, specifically objective 17 of “Partnerships to achieve the objectives”, Huella Local builds and promotes alliances, being one of the main axes of our model.

North Zone Office:
14 de febrero 2065, of. 211, Antofagasta

Central Zone Office:
Puma 1180, Recoleta, Santiago

South Zone Offices:
Plaza España 538, of. 402, Concepción
Colón 141, of. 6, Los Ángeles

South Austral Office:
Benavente 550, Of. 705, Puerto Montt